Questions and more….. DTRT Status?

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So DTRT has been a state of..well… wonky.
Are open? Are we closing? Why did we move again?? ( Yeah I’m over it as well.) What is DTRT’s mission moving forward? Here’s the answers :
#1 Yes as of TODAY Nov 17th we have our new license from the city and a new (to us) 3,500 Sq ft Space located at 228 Cheney Highway ( Highway 50) in Titusville.
#2 HELL NO!!!!!!!
#3 This is a long one and I do not fight my battles in a public forum, as that can lead to some very unpleasant results as others are about to find out the hard way.
#4 As of right now we have placed our furniture program on a sort of hiatus. Should a vet need something to better their quality of life, then we are here for them, however we are no longer working with outside agencies to facilitate furnishing apartments. The Dover Detail has been growing by leaps and bounds and one individual can manage it if needed. The thrift store will financially support Dover as needed so that Vet families can continue to depend on us for Burial Uniforms when the need arises.
This past year ( June 11th and Nov 11th I personally have taken two Honor Flights to D.C. which has been life changing to say the least . As a result , DTRT will begin supporting Space Coast Honor Flight on future flights by sponsoring Guardians for Vets when the time comes . We have also trimmed down the staff a bit and consolidated the volunteer work force to a select few . If you are interested please come by and ask about it and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.
You may have also noticed a different tone to some recent postings as we have had some really great people pitch in and help out behind the scenes to help get this ship righted. That being said Cassandra Burn-Jansto and Janet Beddow Helms ..(better known as the Patriot Sisters) were instrumental in helping us get back on track in every aspect and our recovery would not have been possible without them . THANK YOU LADIES!!!
More to come but it’s been a long day. The doors at 228 Cheney Highway will be open tomorrow . The place is in a bit of disaaray and we are still putting things together, but come on down and help find new homes for all of this stuff!
As always, Be Seeing You
Down the Road.

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