The FootLocker

The Footlocker was created to address the needs of the Homeless or Traveling Veterans out there that society seems to have forgotten . It contains all manner of active wear clothing from shoes all the way up to hats and everything in between . On this note we ask if you choose to donate to the Footlocker that all socks and undergarments for both men and women be new and in the package. All toiletries are available as well as various non perishable food items .Camping gear such as pop up tents cookware and sleeping bags all are accepted and locked up only to be delivered to homeless or in need veterans AT NO CHARGE. NO MILITARY gear is sold at Down the Road. We will gladly give it to vets who have earned the right to possess it or to a vets family for funeral purposes if required..All Military Donations are safeguarded here. It’s not a matter of’s a matter of HONOR and DIGNITY.


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