DTR Thrift Hosts Back to School Shoe Giveaway


This Saturday, July 25th, our Back to School giveaway in partnership with Brevard Shoes for School will start at 9am. To receive a NEW pair of shoes for your child you must:

  1. Have the child with you, or
  2. Have the child’s birth certificate.

We are also asking that ALL PARTICIPANTS WEAR A MASK.

Social distancing markers will also be placed outside to keep all families safe from exposure. This is our way of showing all of our kids that people do genuinely care about each other regardless of any current social issues.

Volunteer security will be on hand in case anyone needs assistance. We will also be asking for some basic info to track where families are coming from to ensure proper coverage.

Example: 50 families come in from Palm Bay, then next year we add an additional giveaway in Palm Bay. That simple. We look forward to seeing you all on Saturday!

And for those that don’t know where we’re located:

COCOA, FL 32922

Nothing like a new pair of shoes for that trip…..
Down the Road

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