Down The Road is Good For The Community!

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I received today, a great testimonial from a Veteran family who knows exactly the good this organization has done for our community. I’m sharing with her consent & she will be at the Rally tomorrow!
“My husband is a medically retired Marine, we have six children together, and we have been homeless twice. Jerry has furnished our home twice. Once when the first home we found ourselves in after homelessness failed inspection for VASH. He even replaced the non working appliances the landlord provided with fully working ones! A couple years ago when that same landlord decided not to renew and was turning the home into a rooming house, we found ourselves panicked. After 4 years of torment, from her and her helpers, her home literally falling apart around us as we spent our bill money to repair so it would continue to pass so we didn’t end up homeless again, here we were facing it again. We found a wonderful couple to rent from, and Jerry let us leave all those painful memories behind when he pulled up and furnished our new place before we moved in. The kitchen table and chairs, couch, beds for all of us, washer dryer, entertainment centers, chairs dressers ALL of it. We walked through the door and we were home and SAFE. This mission, it changes lives, it changed our lives, it NEEDS to stay open!
We can share more details at a later time if needed, but we just can not even express how much this mission means to us, and how much they do for the community!” -Krystal

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